BACFO KRAUTER Holdings Pvt. Ltd. was established in October 2008 with objective to carry out by itself or through its subsidiaries the business of production, sales, trading, exports and imports of Herbal health care & personal care products with a future objective of branching out in Allopathic and other alternative medicine healthcare industry. The company also plans to divest, as a backward integration, into packaging material with innovative development of packaging solutions. In December 2008, the company invested in purchase of Industrial Plot measuring 8000 + at C 46, Phase 2, NOIDA with an objective to set up a manufacturing unit for Research based Herbal health care & personal care products. The company will be investing in Research & Development of need based & innovative health care & personal care products. Being independent but as a part of AKC Group, there is a rich pool of experts in their individual fields of Research and Industry available for the company to act as consultants for product & process development in healthcare field. With the change in global lifestyle, the Company plans to address with an integrated and scientific approach for development of specialized, innovative, alternate and complimentary health and personal care products for betterment of health in India and World at large.

The company is now foraying into bio fertilizer industry as a part of its expansion plans. After a lot of research the company will be shortly launching a range of Mycorrhizae based bio fertilizers in the Indian market.

Mycorrhizae are a group of fungus is categorized as bio-fertilizers. They enable the plant roots to tap the soil for essential nutrients more effectively during the germination stage. This results in the faster and healthier growth of the plants. This also helps plant to grow better in case of lower quality soil as well as climatic conditions.

This bio fertilizer is beneficial in case of vegetable, fruits, pulses, fodder crop, cash crops etc. It has wide applications in agriculture, plantations, horticulture, forestry, and biofuels. It offers environment friendly solutions for faster and healthier growth of plants.